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*OUR MAIN LINE OF PRODUCTS (for the beginning):

1) Cambrian blue clay powder - In bulk (for cosmetic manufacturers, soap makers, small businesses…etc); 






2) Cambrian blue clay powder, and *powerfull blends* of Cambrian blue clay and seaweeds... 
 Laminaria; Bludder wrack; Spirulina; Chlorella etc. (In bags, or buckets - for Spa salons etc.)







3) Cambrian blue clay powder - in 1 lb. bags – For our Respected Supporters. 














*WE ALSO INTEND (...in the nearest future):

1) To launch diversified line of natural cosmetic products
- which will be based on Cambrian blue clay combined with aromatic and essential oils, natural plant extracts and vitamins:


- Facial masks for different skin types;
- Facial scrabs;
- Body scrubs;
- Shampoos for different hair types;
- Cosmetics line for pets.



2) To offer our Cambrian blue clay:

- for “Clay projects for Kids”;
- for "Arts and Crafts";
- for "Clay Therapy";

Clay Therapy - is a powerful medium to help people convey and work through many issues such as anger, grief and loss, fear, guilt and blocked speaking. Clay has the capacity to quickly absorb and express what we are feeling, especially when we are not clear of our thoughts and we feel stuck or unable to work through our problems. 
Clay therapy moves a person from painful emotional experiences to inner growth and healing.Through working with clay, we will find the answers to certain issues troubling us, such as the trigger cause of our anger with someone or the cause of our fear or emotional wounds.












*We are open for mutually beneficial cooperation with: 
Natural cosmetic manufacturers; Spas & Beauty salons; Health stores; Cosmetic stores; Soap makers etc.

We are looking for partners / distributors in Canada and USA.



These Mugs and “Pot with Maple Leafe" were made of Cambrian blue clay.
The old technique has been used  –  to make them look …dark brown.












"Cambrian Blue Clay.com on Facebook: 


Cambrian Blue Clay.com Channel - On YouTube

SOON! - On our channel, You will find ALL ABOUT CAMBRIAN BLUE CLAy:
Cosmetic recipes; Healing recipes (...from “Folk Medicine”); 
Step by step "video recipes" -... about *How to use Cambrian blue clay for Your Beauty, Health and Longevity*