with Cambrian blue clay


Cambrian Blue Clay from Lenigrad region – is considered to be the oldest blue clay on the planet. This clay has a rich&unique mineral composition, and possesses very powerful "Medical and Cosmetic Properties".

Absolutely everyone can be treated by the Cambrian blue clay independently on the diagnosis - as it is a natural high-performance curative measure that brings the metabolic processes to normal, and boosts other treatments effects (herbal therapy, homeopathy, surgical therapies etc.).


*The natural healing properties of Cambrian blue clay help: nourish the skin, reducing blemishes, acne and even reducing eczema.It is natural anti-inflammatory and helps to renovate the elasticity of the skin.

*Cambrian blue clay contains beneficial minerals: cremnium, kaolin, calcium, phosphate, iron, magnesium and zinc which help to regenerate the skin, maintain its youth and elasticity. 


*Cambrian blue clay is deal for:  baths, variety of facial masks, creams, body wraps, soft peels and scrubs, soap making, healing compresses, poultises ...e.t.c.

*As a beauty treatment, Cambrian blue clay: has persistent pull-up properties; cleans, restores and renews the epidermis; refreshes the skin - making it smooth and supple; minimizing the appearance of wrinkles; stimulates blood circulation and enhances the metabolism of the skin cells; through its regenerating properties has a potent anti-aging action.


*In the cosmetics industry Cambrian blue clay is used in: soaps, toothpastes, face / body packs (…and other clay-based products which are slowly, but surly beginning to win the consumer over).


*Cambrian blue clay can also be used as an ingredient for other cosmetic products - in spas, resorts, naturopathy clinics and at home. 


*Cambrian blue clay also has an effective relief from: eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, chronic rheumatism, neuralgia, osteoarthritis, muscle/joint aches and pains, artritis...






Cambrian blue clay from Leningrad region – is suitable for all skin types, body and hair, and can be safely used both by professionals ( spas, resorts, naturopathy clinics), and at home: …for baths, facial masks, body wraps, compresses, poultices, body , ...and as an ingredient for "more complicated" cosmetic products.

  • Increases blood circulation and lymph drainage.

  • Provides supply of essential minerals, vitamins, organic acids and anti-oxidants through the skin due to its well-known ability to absorb substances.

  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties improve skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.

  • Improves the skin appearance and texture, smooth out wrinkles, treats acne and pimples, removes freckles.

  • Eliminates the dead cells of the outer skin layer, and reduce the appearance of blood vessels.

  • Stimulates the growth of skin cells and collagen.

  • Stops gums bleeding (when a paste of clay and water is rubbed into them (You can also whiten teeth with the same mixture).

  • Promotes removal of oils and impurities from the skin, clearing out pores.

  • Draws impurities out of the body (detoxifying effect).

  • Boosts the immune system. Speeds up body metabolism.

  • Boosts hair growth (if hair is rinsed with clay water).

  • Increases removal of toxic waste and reduction in the cellulite appearance.

  • Removes excessive water from the body reducing puffiness.

  • Increases energy.

  • Reduces fatigue.

  • Promotes weight loss due to the effects listed above.

  • Relaxes the body and mind and increase the sense of well-being.

  • Acts as a powerful antiseptic and antibiotic, balances the human bio-field, is safe to use for everybody, and does not cause allergic reactions.

  • Used in a general bath or a foot bath, Cambrian blue clay acts as a very effective detoxifying remedy.

  • Ulcers and infected wounds benefit most from cambrian blue clay applications. 

  • Used in an enema/colonic irrigation procedures, it is simply the best colon cleanser available to us.

  • Used as a vaginal douche, it can help with many problems including candida and minor infections.

  • Used over hemorrhoids, clay helps heal them quickly.

  • Clay compresses are a First Aid remedy against bruises, sprains, strains (cold clay compresses will relieve the pain and internal bleeding and facilitate healing).

  • Used over burns /sunburn, cold clay compresses are the fastest healing and pain relieving remedy which helps regeneration of tissue and prevents formation of scars.

  • Carrot, beet, summer radish and potato don’t rot during winter, if they are placed into a jar with blue clay for a few minutes.




Most of skincare products, which have been made with the use of Cambrian

blue clay (...or other type of clay) - contain just a small amount of it. 
But, if you just spend some time, take the pure Cambrian blue clay powder, and simply mix it to a paste with spring water (...and, add seaweeds, herbal powders, herbs extracts, natural oils) – you will get 100% natural, and highly effective cosmetic, and healing products *MADE BY YOURSELF*.

The benefits of making your own cosmetics will be immediately evident:
your new products will smell and feel good, and so will your skin and body. 


Basic facial mask with Cambrian blue clay:
*Before applying the mask, cleanse your face using a mild face wash without exfoliating beads.
Recipe: Mix 3 - 4 tsp of Cambrian blue clay with clean water (using approximately 40% - 50% water).
*Do not use any metal staff.
*Use a glass or plastic bowl, and glass, plastic or wood spoon / stick.
Stir the *mixture* with a plastic, glass or wooden spoon / stick - until they are thoroughly blended ( should get a smooth, spreadable paste – …like a good sour crème).
But, the consistency of the paste is up to you (…you can experiment, and make the mask thicker, or thinner).
Gently massage this mask into your skin for several minutes.
Then, spread evenly over the face and leave to dry (for 15-20 minutes).
Remove / wash off with warm water.
*If you want, you can use your favorite moisturizer to nourish the skin afterwards.


Universal & Powerful facial mask: 
Cambrian blue clay + Laminaria powder +  Bladder wrack powder
*Laminaria and bladder wrack -  are powerful ingredients as they draws an extraordinary wealth of mineral elements from the sea that can account for up to 36% of they dry mass. These include sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, chlorine, sulfur and phosphorus; the micronutrients include iodine, iron, zinc, copper, selenium, molybdenum, fluoride, manganese, boron, nickel and cobalt.
This *natural mix* is suppose to be massaged into the skin, resulting in skin stimulation and detoxification(*Massage - allowing nutrients and anti-oxidants to be absorbed into the skin – detoxifying, hydrating, and healing as it dries). 

*Cambrian blue clay (50%)  + laminaria (25%) + bladder wrack (25%) – is a 100% natural, 100% vegan, 100% natural and powerful mask for all skin types…
Take: 3 – 4 tsp. of Cambrian blue clay powder, ½ tsp. of laminaria powder, and ½ tsp. of bladder wrack powder.
Mix all these dry ingredients together in a glass, or plastic bowl.
*Do not use any metal staff. *Use a glass or plastic bowl, and glass, plastic or wood spoon / stick.
Pour clean water over this *mixture* (using approximately 40% - 50% water).
Stir the *mixture* with a plastic, glass or wooden spoon / stick - until they are thoroughly blended ( should get a smooth, spreadable paste – …like a good sour crème).
But, the consistency of the paste is up to you (…you can experiment, and make the mask thicker, or thinner).
Gently massage this mask into your skin for several minutes.
Then, spread evenly over the face and leave to dry (for 15-20 minutes).
Remove / wash off with warm water.
If you want, you can use your favorite moisturizer to nourish the skin afterwards.

*PLEASE NOTE: You may want to avoid laminaria, and bladder wrack - if you have an iodine allergy or sensitivity.



You will fill the "pulsating sensation", because, Cambrian blue clay - is doing some kind of "limpho derange" for your skin, and stimulate the blood circulation. 
*After any kind of procedure (...facial mask, body wrap) your face, or body will be red (or redish)
for a while - because of the reasons mentioned above.



*Facial masks with Cambrian blue clay are extremely beneficial for your skin.
*Cambrian blue clay masks help to draw impurities from the skin, leaving it radiant, free from dirt,
and healthy-looking. 
*With Regular uses - lifts your skin, makes it elastic and evens out skin tone.


Body wrap with Cambrian blue clay:
Body wrap is another very useful application for Cambrian blue clay - is a luxurious and thoroughly therapeutic treatment (*Especially with powdered seaweed added to it).
To do it at home:
- Prepare a place to lie on;
- Warm your room;
- Lay down 1 or 2 warm blankets, with a plastic sheet on top;

Recipe: Mix the Cambrian blue clay (3-4 tsp.) with seaweed powders (50/50, or 70/30), add clan water, and stir with a plastic, glass or wooden spoon / stick until blended into a thick spreadable past.
Cover yourself with the *prepared mixture/past* (…of clay, or clay with seaweeds), lie down on the plastic sheet, cover yourself with the remaining half of the blanket.
Make sure you remain warm throughout.
Stay under the blanket for 30 - 45 minutes.
Wash off in a shower (or in a bath).



Refreshing & Detoxifying Bath with Cambrian blue clay
Recipe: Fill the bathtub 1/3 deep with worm water (t 37-38°C), take from 100 g. to ~1 lb (500g.) of Cambrian blue clay, and mix it in bath water. Let the clay hydrate for 5 -10 minutes.
Then, fill your bathtub with just enough water to fully submerge the body.
Stir the water before getting into the bath (*You can add 250g of magnesium chloride flake, or 1 lb. of sea salt -  for a better detoxifying and healing effect).
Start by staying in the bath for 10-15 minutes.
Increase gradually up to 30 minutes within 7-10 days.
*Take “Cambrian baths” on regular basis – ones a week.

Compress with Cambrian blue clay:
Recipe: In order to make a compress, mix some Cambrian blue clay  with clean water to make it quite thick.
Spread over a piece of cloth (0,5 – 1 cm. thick).
Apply on an affected area.
Cover with a compress paper, wrap up in a warm cloth.
Leave on until the clay dries out (from 40 min. – 1 hour).
Apply on aching joints, muscles, in the area of organs affected by an illness.
This type of  application can be useful for the treatment of psoriasis, arthritis, eczema, ulcers, inflammations, aches and pains. Duration of procedure: 30 - 90 min. Procedures should be carried out for 1 - 2 days, with a break on the third day.

Poultice with Cambrian blue clay:
A poultice has a much more powerful effect than a compress, since it requires a lot more clay per application (2 – 3 cm. thick), and it works as a mass, drawing up toxic waste into itself.
The electromagnetic charge is stronger too. So, the overall effect is more powerful.
It is especially good for applications on an affected area - normally an area of localized problem (e.g. arthritis, strain, sprain, back problem, etc.).
Apply a poultice over the area, cover with grease-proof paper and a warm cloth.
 ***If an area is hot and inflamed - the only cold poultice application is recommended to relieve the heat and reduce the inflammation.

***Please Note: Clay should be discharged straight after treatment and must not be re-used!


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